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Additional Home Issues To Be Aware Of

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Common Roof Problems

Additional Home Issues

In addition to the previous items there are other things you as a home owner need to be cognizant of and pay close attention to.

Below, is our list of recommendations on how to care for any additional issues in order to prevent or minimize common damage…


Cooling or Heating Systems

Replacing an HVAC system can be an extensive and costly project. Be sure to check the age and maintenance schedule of any temperature control system already in the home. Regular servicing is crucial for this kind of item, and while a well-maintained A/C can last for years, the cost and time involved in replacing an A/C risks turning a profitable investment into a loss.

Poor Drainage/Roof Water Control

Water damage along a foundation can kill a sale in a split-second. Poor roof and gutter drainage is another cause for water damage, one that many buyers overlook when making a purchase. Check that the drainage paths direct water away from your foundation on any property you purchase. This should include checking the gutters as well. Clogged or poorly maintained gutters can be a sign that the upkeep of the property hasn’t really been a priority.

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Doing a thorough check for any environmental concerns should be on every potential buyer’s to-do list. The last thing you want to discover in your new home is mold. Alongside materials such as radon is a serious health concerns.