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Windowless room that needs added cooling.
Home Maintenance

How To Cool A Room With No Windows

In some cases, there are rooms in your home that do not have windows. This…
Mold in a bathroom.
Home Maintenance

Is Bathroom Mold Dangerous

Owning a home creates many responsibilities for homeowners. Making sure that mold isn't growing in…
Installing insulation in your attic is great for summer and winter months.

Does Attic Insulation Help In Summer

Most homeowners do not take the time to really dissect their home's inner workings. When…
septic maintenance
How To Increase Bacteria In Septic Tank Naturally
A spider in the home.
Pest Control
Tips To Keep Spiders Out of Garage
Electric Fireplace that costs little to operate.
Do Electric Fireplaces Use A Lot Of Electricity
A tank water heater in the home.
Water heater
How Long Does It Take A Water Heater To Heat Up
Replacement fill valve for a running toilet.
Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running
Stucco below grade
Home Maintenance
Can Stucco Extend Below Grade