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About Home Inspections

Homes in Florida can be old, bungalow-styled, or brand new so your home inspection report can vary drastically. Depending on the home, we could find evidence of termites, structural issues, or mold issues. This is because Florida is a very humid environment. Also, Florida homes tend to flex and move frequently since we are closer to sea level. Waypoint Property Inspection can help you with your home inspection throughout Central Florida and Tampa Bay so you can have peace of mind.

Inspection Packages

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Comprehensive Home & Termite (WDO) Inspections


Basic Package + Sewer-Scope Inspection & Repair Estimate Report


Plus Package + Indoor Air Quality & Radon Tests

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What Our Home Inspection Includes



We inspect driveways, walkways, porches, and patio conditions.


We will report on the grading and foundation conditions.


We will report on the walls, doors, trim, faucets, and sprinklers.


We will inspect the garage/carport & floor conditions.

Electrical System

Electrical service, main panels, sub panels, wiring condition, & GFCI outlet conditions.

Cooling System

All cooling systems including A/C, ductwork, and air handler systems.

Heating System

Heating systems, distribution systems, thermostat, and air filters.

Plumbing System

Main line conditions, supply line conditions, drain, waste, vent stacks, and water heaters.

Roof System

Roof conditions, flashing conditions, and attic conditions.

Interior Features

Doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, smoke detectors, and laundry conditions.


We test all appliances and inspect plumbing, counters, and cabinets.


We will run and inspect sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and ventilation.

Pool Systems

For an additional fee, we can inspect your pool and pool equipment.

Summary of Findings

At the end of each report, you will find a summary of our findings.

View a sample home inspection report.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost in Florida?

Home Inspection Costs can vary depending on the size and age of the home. For example, a smaller home that is relatively new might only cost about $350. On the other hand, a much larger home that was built in the 1920s would take a lot longer to inspect. Therefore, home inspection fees could be above $1,000. Read more about home inspection costs.

View Our Home Inspection Checklist

View our home inspection checklist to ensure everything in your home is inspected properly.

View Our 10 Most Common Home Inspection Finds & Defects

View the Most Overlooked Home Inspection Defects


How soon can I schedule an inspection?

You can schedule an inspection directly online to find how far out we are booking appointments. Typically, it is business 2-3 days.

How long does an inspection take?

The average length of time for a home inspection is 2-3 hours, but it typically depends on the size of the house, and the inspector’s process for inspecting. Read more here.

How do I prepare for an inspection?

Read our blog post here for a full breakdown on how to prepare for your home inspection.

When will I receive the home inspection report?

With Waypoint,  you will receive the report the same day. In most cases, it will be later in the afternoon.

How do I know which inspector's are qualified or experienced?

Whenever you are calling a home inspection company for a quote, be sure to ask them what home inspector organizations they belong to and why you should schedule with them. You can also explore their websites and online reviews.

Where do you service?

You can find a list of cities/counties we service at the service area page!

Does An Inspector Need To Come Back Out To Re-Inspect After Repairs Have Been Completed?

Yes and no. You are not required to have a re-inspection after an inspection. However, in some cases, you may opt to do so or need to. For example, with a four-point inspection, you may need a re-inspection to verify repairs have been made for insurance purposes. Additionally, after repairs have been made on a home you are purchasing, you may opt to have a re-inspection to verify the seller had the repairs completed professionally.

We do charge for re-inspections for a nominal fee.

Can You Tell Us How Much Repairs Will Cost?

The short answer is no. While home inspectors on-site may give you a range for certain repairs, we are not contractors, and repair pricing tends to fluctuate depending on your area, the economy, and the company. Ultimately, you should speak with your Realtor and ask for recommendations for contractors to inquire with.

Check Out Our Glossary of Report Terms For More Information

The Highest-Rated in Florida

Based on 1041 reviews
Based on 2642 reviews
Jean Garraway
Jean Garraway
When I tell you these guys are the best, believe me! I put in an offer on a condo in West Palm Beach and the place looked awesome, painted to the "nines" to hide all the flaws. Waypoint went in and uncovered every one of them, even the presence of a leak and previous flooding which I never saw. Great, job you saved me a ton of money, and to think I paid more than the avg. price of the unit. Thanks bunches, now I see why you have 5*, here's another one!!
Dave McClain
Dave McClain
Very efficient and detailed. Everything I wanted to know about this property. Will be a valuable document for years to come.
I call waypoint as I own multiple properties and when I need an inspection done quickly, they never disappoint me. Also great for wind mitigation when I have purchased accordion shutters as well as getting a new roof
Another A+ inspection done by waypoint....As a realtor I really appreciate the work this company performed. I will be very happy to recommend them to My clients and family... affordable and professional... Great communication with inspectors Chris and Alex...they are a great team...A+
Chris Munday
Chris Munday
Javier was great, he took the time to go through the whole report in summary detail and answered all questions competently. He was very polite and professional at all times with a great attitude. Thanks again Javier
The service provider was very friendly and professional and at end the of the inspections, I was given detailed professional explanation of the inspections report, and what it means, which was very helpful in my understanding of how to move forward with the purchase the property 😀.Thank you
Fotini Vasquez
Fotini Vasquez
Highly recommend Waypoint inspections! They were extremely professional and knowledgeable. My clients especially liked their detailed report of the property. The inspector definitely advocated for my clients, sharing his findings to the new home builder to ensure the issues were addressed. I look forward to using this company again in the future.
I had a great experience with Waypoint Property Inspection. As a first time home buyer, the inspector, Hector, took the time to answer my questions. He was knowledgeable and thorough. I also had questions after I received the report and Kenny took the time to look at the report with me and answer a few more questions. Kenny and his staff even made a special effort to obtain a report I needed. I had everything in perfect timing. Overall, I had a great experience and would definitely recommend Waypoint to anyone, but especially first time home buyers. Thank you Waypoint! Until next time!
Sarah Hartman
Sarah Hartman
Had a wonderful experience! They were able to squeeze me in quickly, and the guy who completed the inspection was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I could not have asked for a better experience! Everyone I’ve come in contact at Waypoint, including anyone who answers emails or the phone has been beyond helpful and extremely responsive, which makes for a very pleasant experience, especially when going through something like buying a house and having so many things to do. They receive my highest recommendation!
Brittani Mica
Brittani Mica
Waypoint Property Inspection is always incredible! As a REALTOR® here in the FL Keys I regularly use them for buyer inspections and have used them personally for my own home as well. Their level of professionalism is unmatched and their attention to detail is everything you could ever want from an inspection. From the very beginning they are quick to respond and never miss a detail or question even long after the inspection has been completed. I have never waited for anything on their end & my clients are always thoroughly impressed with their detailed reports, knowledge and their willingness to share that knowledge so they can be as informed a buyer as possible. The fact that they also happen to be some of the most pleasant people you will ever come across is just a huge bonus to their phenomenal business.
Tracy Kinnebrew
Tracy Kinnebrew
Inspector Caleb was thorough and worked with proficiency. He provided straight forward explanations that we could easily understand. We received the inspection report within the hour. Great job Caleb, would highly recommend.
Cheryl Taylor
Cheryl Taylor
thanks for calling me to share details and follow up emails
Leigh Hricko
Leigh Hricko
Very happy with company
From start to finish, Waypoint was excellent to work with.
Ash A
Ash A
Anthony was great
me me
me me
Javier was very knowledgable and explained the inspection report in detail. Was very thorough in pointing out minor issues and answered all my questions. Great work and I would highly recommend Javier.
Andrew Eldredge
Andrew Eldredge
We had a quick 4 point inspection done. Had to have it completed urgently due to homeowner’s insurance changes. Waypoint was super responsive on a Thursday night, and had an appointment available the next afternoon. John Heil was great. He was professional, courteous and fast!
Russ Sinder
Russ Sinder
Great explanation by the on-site inspectors and via phone afterwards. It was well explained to us which issues were potentially more serious and which were less so. We were also given advice on how to easily remediate certain issues that came up during the course of the inspection.
The inspector was on time and did and excellent service. The report was sent quickly. I left very satisfied.
O. Andre Parker
O. Andre Parker
Mr. Javier Gonzalez was on time and very professional. His inspection was very thorough and his finding made hiring waypoint inspections well worth the money! Waypoint inspections are a veteran friendly company and I highly recommend them for home inspections!!
Two service personnel shared with me what they were going to do and what areas they needed access. They were very courteous and took in stride my barking dog. They were careful with my property and turned off lights after use. Was a pleasure working with them. Would recommend Waypoint.
Nancy Roth
Nancy Roth
I recently used the services of Waypoint for a new home inspection. The inspectors were polite, knowledgeable, willing to answer any questions I had. The experience was actually extremely pleasant and professional! I would highly recommend Waypoint!
Al Korzen
Al Korzen
The inspection team was ontime, informative as to what they were doing, and professional in their approach to the inspections
Very professional inspector, great service and very detailed report
Knocked iy out of the park on customer service and turnaround time. Thank you Waypoint team notably Mitch and Anthony. Anthony went above and beyond to deliver our reports and have good discussion on them as well. All with tight timing for us on our house closing. Thanks so much !
Sanford Geraci
Sanford Geraci
They were here on time, professional, I completed the inspection precisely.Also the price was very competitive. I highly recommend this company.
Vincent did our Home Inspection on Friday- 2/3/23. He was extremely proffessional, thorough and courteious throughout the entire inspection. I cannot thank him enough for the incredible job that he did. Thank you Vincent!
Carlos Arce
Carlos Arce
Thierry-ErnestJacques -Louis. Great customer service. Takes his job seriously definitely recommend him.
Josie Mullin
Josie Mullin
Thierry was very professional and efficient so appreciated his thouroness. The cost was a great value. Thank you Waypoint property inspections. Mark and Josie Mullin are happy to give a 5 star rating
Horacio Olivo
Horacio Olivo
They did an amazing job. I’ll definitely be using them again!!!
They were quick to respond to my first call. Our inspector, Anthony, was on time, polite, respectful, informative and thorough. He was also happy to answer questions, no matter how small. I had occasion to go into the office and was just as pleased with my dealings in there.I will be calling them again. My real estate was impressed with them as well so I think they will be getting many referrals.Thank you for great service!!
The young man who conducted our house inspection was very polite and explained his findings very clearly.
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