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Keeping Current On Recalled Items In Your Home

By July 28, 2014News & Updates
florida home recalls

waypoint home inspectionPalm Beach, FL – It seems like every few months there is a news report with a recall. In fact, just this past June, Trane recalled their Trane XB300 and American Standard Silver SI air conditioning due to a shock hazard.

Recalls are made to locate defective or hazardous products and remove them from distribution and possession. To do this, companies are expected to communicate timely and accurately about the defect or hazard, and how either or both can be corrected. Legally, companies must correct the issue, which typically means replacing the item or defective part at the manufacturer’s expense. Manufacturers are only required to notify you of a recall if your appliance is registered with them.

It is difficult for manufacturers, stores, distributors, and news agencies to communicate every recall to every consumer. Similarly, it is difficult for the public to keep active on all items that are recalled or that they have that may possibly become recalled. Who moves into a home and calls all manufacturers to switch their names on the registration for recalls from the buyer into their name….no one! They can just use you for this and not worry again!

Waypoint Property Inspection East, LLC is a local family owned home inspection company that checks appliances for recalls as part of their home inspection process. According to Mark Wahl, owner of Waypoint, “When we do a full home inspection, we sign our new clients up for as part of the inspection because we’ve found that 1 in 10 homes have an appliance that has been recalled, typically due to a fire hazard.” For those homeowners that are not planning on getting a home inspection any time soon, Wahl says, “There are tools available to homeowners like to assist in matching their products with the most current recall information and corrective measures. There is no need for homeowners to spend a lot of time or money to ensure the safety of their home.” emails consumers monthly reports for products specifically in the individual’s home. As homeowners replace items in the house, they can change the information in their account, including their address, when they move.