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Know Your Home Inspection Company……..

Many years ago the State of Florida put licensing in place for the home inspection industry.  This was going to make the industry monitored and like other professional industries like plumbers, contractors, roofers and electricians.  If you obtained a license, you passed a proctored class and then a test that was supposed to seperate you from the others.

Unfortunately, the industry has become watered down because all that is needed is to pass an electronic class and a proctored test.  Once this is done, you can call yourself a home inspector.  No Training, No Mentoring, No Business training.  We no have over 7000 active home inspectors in the state of Florida.

When you as a realtor or a client, you need to do you homework about your home inspection company….training, experience and how long they have been in business.  Reviews on websites are also usually a very good source of information.