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Mold/Air Quality Testing

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What is a “Mold Air Quality Test?”

Indoor mold grows very well when the indoor relative humidity is above 70 percent. … High Florida humidity, roof leaks, plumbing leaks, internal air-conditioning condensation or dust accumulation, and ground water wicking up through concrete floors are the major causes of Florida mold problems.

“Mold Air Quality” sampling tests the concentration of mold spores in your home’s air. Samples are taken from the air and are later examined under a microscope. Air tests can tell you if you have a mold problem even if you cannot find the mold growth.

How Does Mold Get in Your Home?

Mold can be a variety of bacteria and allergens in the air. Mold ultimately needs a water source and a food source. Therefore, mold is actually everywhere in the natural environment. However, water intrusion and a food source like dust or drywall can accelerate mold growth in your home. Mold in your home can go airborne into the air, live behind baseboards, and be destructive to your investment.

What Are the Risks of Living With Mold?

Mold can cause a multitude of health effects and symptoms such as: cough, headaches, vomiting, and more. Although most symptoms are sources of prolonged exposure to mold, you should check with your doctor if you are getting sick often are particularly sensitive to mold. It many of these cases, you should have a mold inspection completed for health safety.

Waypoint East Guarantee

“Waypoint guarantees peace of mind when you can’t predict everything that could go wrong after a home inspection. That’s why we have several products to help protect you if something should go wrong in your new home.”

About Our Mold Testing in Boca Raton, FL

Waypoint works with a local Florida laboratory, ProLab.

When Waypoint arrives at your home, we will conduct an outside sample of the air to use as a control sample. Next, we will collect interior air samples in rooms of concern or of living (living room, master bedroom). While the samples are being taken, an inspector can evaluate your home for possible sources of the mold.

Once the tests and inspection is completed, the samples are sent to ProLab for evaluation. The results are typically returned 3 business days after the initial inspection day.

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