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Termite/WDO Inspection

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What is a “Termite/WDO Inspection”?

Waypoint will perform a visual “Termite/WDO Inspection” for wood destroying organisms which includes: termites, certain “wood boring” beetles, and wood decay fungi. Pretty much everyone is aware of termites, but in Florida, we include all types of organisms who “Eat” wood.

A more thorough “Termite/WDO Inspection” is available from Waypoint. This inspection is more commonly referred to as a termite inspection. It’s called a WDO because termites are not the only wood destroying organisms in the world. The WDO inspector is trained to look for things that we are not. They inspect the attic for minute damage that indicates the house has an issue. It is suggested to always hire a qualified inspector to perform your WDO.

Waypoint East Guarantee

“Waypoint guarantees peace of mind when you can’t predict everything that could go wrong after a home inspection. That’s why we have several products to help protect you if something should go wrong in your new home.”

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