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Are you or your client selling or buying a new home? 

If you are selling your home do you know about all the details of your home?

The age of your major components and the condition?  Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to fix any conditions that can help you to get more money when you sell your home?

It is a proven fact that when a Pre-Listing inspection is completed on a home and the homeowner is willing to fix any items of significance prior putting the property on the market, the home will sell for more money.

Your client is purchasing a new home, whether it is new construction or a resale, a competent home inspection company should be retained to inspect the home that is being purchased.  May times we are told, “I am purchasing a new home why should I get it inspected?”  Well when we explain what we find even on new construction regarding defects, the client is happy to us Waypoint to perform these new construction inspections.  If you are purchasing a resale, it is even more important that a thorough home inspection be completed.

Waypoint Property Inspections East, LLC has been performing home inspections in Southeast Florida for over 12 years and 10,000 home inspections.  We pride ourselves in providing a thorough and competent home inspection.  Let us help  you or your client made an educated decision on the purchase of their new home.